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Tests for cholesterol levels and other lipids conducted at Hospital Laboratory at patient's own cost. All names have been hidden to protect their privacy

The following email was written by R. Antonio.
"I couldn't get access to my old test results but I can tell you that my HDL increased from 39 to 60 since I've been taking CardioXine. My total cholesterol also dropped by 14 points. Your optimum blood sugar support also lowered my sugar levels to normal! My old hba1c was 6.5. You guys have been a Godsend. I talked to your customer service, he said I would get a free Cardioxine & Blood Sugar Support supplement in return for my testimonial. Please advise. Thanks!" E. M.'s daughter mentioned: Cardioxine is reducing the total CL, increase the good one, reduce the bad one and bring cpk back to the normal range.

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The letters and reports posted on this page, which are sent by our customers, are the actual results issued by the hospitals and clinics that performed lab tests for these customers. These hospitals and clinics are not endorsing our products. It is possible that you may or may not get similar results. Since we do not know if our products will produce similar results for everyone.

According to FTC regulations, we must make the following statement: You should not expect to have similar results to those that are posted on this web page.

The only assurance that we can offer to minimize your financial risk are our 90-day risk-free trial program. Please see 100% Satisfaction Guarantee programs. To encourage our users to find out if our products really work for them, we offer an 6 month supply of our supplements. Most lab reports shown on this website were the result of such incentive program.

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