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This letter is in F.H.'s handwriting.

Feedback from F.H.

Several months ago, I was at my wits end in my search for relief from years of insomnia. Then my luck suddenly changed radically as NuLiv and its product SleepWell crept into my life to become my special nighttime companion. Before this I would awaken four times each night and then spend one or two hours getting back to sleep. I needed naps to get me through the day.

Now I wake up once during the night and at times not at all. Morning finds me refreshed and alert and I remain so all day long, no naps needed!

So at last my days are more productive, my mood positive and my wife finds me quite bearable.

All this, thanks to NuLiv and SleepWell~

- F. H., Yucca valley, CA

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