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 Diabetes Herbal Remedies

Diabetes Herbal Natural Alternative # 1: Bitter melon Bitter melon or bitter gourd as it is known in some regions, possesses considerable healing properties, not only against diabetes but also against formation of cancerous cells. Additionally, it offers protection against certain viral diseases.

Bitter melon, as it's name suggests, is bitter, so most people boil it in water to make a potent juice. However, it can also be eaten raw. The active ingredient is in this fruit has similar action to diabetic medication in lowering glucose levels. Bitter melon has been used for centuries to treat diabetes and is highly effective. However, a combination of medication and bitter melon should not be taken together unless otherwise recommended by the doctor.

Bitter melon, halved with seeds
diabetes herbal Natural Alternative

Diabetes Herbal Natural Alternative # 2: Fenugreek Fenugreek is an interesting medicinal herb because both the leaves and dry seeds possess curative properties. The seeds of this herb are proven to be more useful in reducing high blood sugar along with lowering bad cholesterol. Studies have shown that if used diligently, fenugreek can fight hyperglycemia in as little as 7 days, without the use of any medicine. Fenugreek works by triggering the pancreas to increase the production of insulin in the body.

Diabetes Herbal Natural Alternative # 3: Cinnamon Cinnamon has far reaching effects on diabetic people, since it enhances the efficiency of insulin by almost three-fold. The active ingredient methylhydroxy chalcone polymer increases the blood cells receptiveness to insulin; rendering it more capable of controlling glucose levels. Several studies conducted to test the efficacy of cinnamon as a cure against diabetes and cholesterol, concluded favorably. Cinnamon can be incorporated as a powder sprinkled over food, or brewed with tea.

Diabetes Herbal Natural Alternative # 4: Ginseng There are several varieties of ginseng, but the panax ginseng variety has been found to be the most potent against hyperglycemia. Ginseng works in a number of ways; by directly promoting healthy blood sugar levels via an active metabolism, by increasing the amount of insulin released in the bloodstream along with strengthening the cardiovascular structure of an individual. One of the most harmful complications of diabetes is the stiffening of arteries, and ginseng also works to keep them healthy. However, due to the high potency of this herb, it should not be taken together with any medication. Many of these diabetic herbs are found in OPTIMUM BLOOD SUGAR SUPPORT.

Diabetes Herbal Natural Alternative # 5: Garlic Garlic helps to curb the side effects of diabetes. Hyperglycemia can impair vision, damage kidneys and blood vessels, which are all curtailed by consuming garlic regularly. It has been used for centuries to protect against various diseases and it possesses properties that work against bad cholesterol and cancerous cells as well. Garlic improves blood circulation by thinning the blood and dilating the arteries. Experts recommend garlic should be consumed in its raw form or cooked lightly since exposure to prolonged heat may reduce the effectiveness of the active ingredients.

Diabetes Herbal Natural Alternative # 6:Golden Seal Golden Seal or Hydrastis Canadensis is widely grown in Canada and United States and tastes slightly less bitter than a bitter melon. It can be consumed orally to control the amount of blood glucose, and is widely available in tablet or powder form. Golden Seal is usually consumed prior to a meal, and improves insulin production in the pancreas as well as improves glucose tolerance.

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