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 Full Spectrum Synergistic Nutrients from the Nature

The proprietary ingredients in NuLiv's supplements are produced by NuLiv's proprietary extraction and processing technologies. Our ingredients contain the full spectrum nutrients of the original plants in their most natural & synergistic states and are highly absorbable and utilizable by the human body.


1. Full Spectrum Nutrients from Original Botanical

Many proprietary ingredients in our supplement products are produced by our proprietary production methods, such as PhytoCell™ and PureExtract™. These ingredients contain more bio-available phyto compounds of the original botanical comparing to same ingredients produced by other methods. This is evidenced and demonstrated by more peaks in the HPLC chromatograph to the right from a PhytoCell™ processed Reishi fruiting body powder comparing to the HPLC chromatograph to the left from a 80 mesh Reishi fruiting body extract.

More significantly, a PhytoCell™ processed ingredient contains higher amount of the same bio-available compounds comparing to the same botanical that is processed by other pulverization or extraction methods. This is again evidenced and demonstrated by the higher peaks in the same positions when comparing the two HPLC chromatographs

2. Faster and Higher Dissolution Rate

  • Amount (in mg) of Ferulic Acid dissolved in water from 4 Rhizoma Chuanxiong powders.

  • % of Ginsenosides dissolved in 45 minutes in simulated gastric fluid from 3 Ginseng powders.

  • Amount of Adenosine dissolved in water in 15 to 60 minutes from Phytocell™ and 80 mesh Cordyceps powders.

    3. Improved Absorption

    Cell Line studies by NuLiv indicated PhytoCell™ processed ingredients have better absorption rate because of their very smaller particle size.


    More Nutritious - more phyto compounds in the original botanical are converted by PhytoCell™ process into more bio-available form that can be better utilized by human body (see Key Features 1).

    Absorb better - compounds in a PhytoCell™ processed ingredient are dissolved faster and in greater amount in water and other solvent means more nutrients are available for absorption (see Key Features 2).

    Cost less - lower dosage because of better absorption; no or less excipient and filler.

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