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CellEssence™ FAQ

Q: What is CellEssence™?

CellEssence™ is an advanced active antioxidative formula containing two natural and research-validated phyto complexes, Cell Protective Complex™ and Cell Invigorating Complex™ that work synergistically to provide optimum protection and nutrition for your cells.

The Cell Protective Complex™ found in CellEssence™ is high in various antioxidants that actively help shield the countless cells in our body from free radical damage. Damaged cells can lead to decline in our body's ability to function normally. The Cell Invigoratng Complex™ helps support normal digestion, absorption and circulation functions in human body to invigorate each individual cell so they function at optimal levels.

Q: What is in CellEssence™?

CellEssence™ contains two proprietary plant compound mixes, the Cell Protective Comple™ and the Cell Invigorating Complex™ that work synergistically to support good health at the foundation of life, the individual cells.

Q: How does CellEssence™ work?

Lipid oxidation and free radical damage to cells, tissues and organs and poor digestion, absorption and circulation affect our cells and body to function at their best. As we age, our body is more susceptible to these problems. Compounds in CellEssence™ work together to address the critical antioxidative needs to support optimum nutrition for our cells.

Q: Is CellEssence™ safe?

Compounds in CellEssence™ have been safely used for centuries in many parts of the world for vitality, energy and for maintaining normal functions in our body. To maintain quality and consistency, our Complex is composed of independently tested standardized extracts. CellEssence™ is extremely safe to use at our recommended dosage levels.

Q: How is CellEssence™ different from other antioxidant products?

Lipid oxidation and free radical damage to cells, tissues and organs and poor digestion, absorption and circulation, in our view, form the foundation of many health challenges as we grow older. CellEssence™ addresses these important issues by delivering a healthy amount of natural antioxidants. With optimum nutrition for your cells, CellEssence™ tackles these problems head on.

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CellEssence FAQ

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