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Efficacy and Safety Studies on CellEssence™

CellEssence™ contains two proprietary plant compound mixes, the Cell Protective Complex™ and the Cell Invigorating Complex™ that work synergistically to support good health at the foundation of life, the individual cells.

Cell Protective Complex™

The Cell Protective Complex™ contains 5 selective plant extracts high in various antioxidants that NuLiv's own research and researches around the world have showed to protect human cells from free radical damage, so these cells can function normally.
Cell Invigorating Complex™

The Cell Invigorating Complex™ is based on the very fundamental healing principle in Traditional Chinese Medicine of "Qi" (vital energy, roughly equate to circulation) and "Xue" (loosely translated as "the blood") that has been in practice for thousands of years in China, Japan, Korea, and other countries.
Cell Protective Complex™
GojiEx™ ( Lycium babarium, Goji berry, or Chinese wolfberry) extract

Renowned in Asia as one of nature's most nutrient-rich natural foods, Goji berries have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for nearly 2,000 years. Currently in the United States and the global functional food industry, there is a rapidly growing recognition of Goji berries for their nutrient richness and antioxidant qualities.

Goji berries contain significant amount of the essentail macronutrients, micronutrients, and phytochemicals: 11 essential and 22 trace dietary minerals, 18 amino acids, 6 essential vitamins, 8 polysaccharides and 6 monosaccharides, 5 unsaturated fatty acids, 5 carotenoids and numerous phenolic pigments (phenols) associated with antioxidant properties.

Polysaccharides in Goji berries have extensive biological effects and health benefits, especially due to its antioxidant properties.

Green tea extract

Green tea has been cultivated and consumed in China for thousands of years. The polyphenols in green teas have now been extensively researched and identified as having numerous health benefits due to their anti-oxidative properties.

Grape seed extract

Grape seed extract is an extract from the seeds of grapes, containing high amount of OPCs (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) which is a class of antioxidant flavonoids that remove harmful free oxygen radicals from cell. OPCs is also found in other plants.

OPCs' ability to neutralize free radicals is 20 times stronger than Vitamin C and 50 times stronger than Vitamin E. Free radicals have been implicated in cell injury and damage which leads to the degeneration of many bodily functions.

Pine bark extract

Pine bark extract from the bark of pine tree contains high amount of OPCs (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) which is a class of antioxidant flavonoids that remove harmful free oxygen radicals from cell. OPCs is also found in other plants.

RosaEx™ (Rosa roxburghii) (Cili fruit)

1. Overview

R. Roxburghii is a low growing fruit tree native to few remote regions in China. R. Roxburghii is rich in Vitamin C, phenols, Vitamins and Flavonoids, trace elements, and amino acids. The natural fruit contains 46 times more Vitamin C (per 100 grams) than oranges, 120 times more Flavonoids than your average green vegetable, and 10-60 times more than that of other fruits. Rosa roxburghii (Cili fruit)

NuLiv's lab assays and in vitro studies have demonstrated that its R. Roxburghii fruit extract, trade-marked RosaEx™, produces potent SOD-like activity that neutralizes superoxide, a highly harmful free radical. The SOD inducing micro nutrients found in NuLiv's RosaEx™ is converted in the human body by its enzymatic action to SOD like compounds and is 100% utilizable, unlike SOD derived from other plants which are mostly destroyed by stomach acids.

2. Composition

RosaEx™ contains extremely high contents of Vitamin C (3% or greater), phenols (10% or greater), flavonoids, Vitamins A, B1, B2, D, E and trace elements (Ref. 1). RosaEx™ also contains plant compounds that produce potent SOD like activity in human body (see section 5) (Ref. 2, 8).

3. Research

LDL oxidation has been suggested as a key factor in the development of atherosclerosis. The antibodies against oxidized LDL have been identified in sera of patients with atherosclerosis. Oxidized LDL is known to be taken up through scavenger receptors and results in the formation of macrophage-derived foam cell, which may also enhance the progression of atherosclerosis by stimulating proliferation of macrophages (Ref. 2, 4, 7).

The effects of R. Roxburghii on free radical metabolism, free radical injury to endothelium cells in blood vessels and capillaries and microcirculation in humans were investigated by Ma and Zhang (Ref. 3, 7). The effects of R. Roxburghii on LDL oxidation; oxidized LDL-induced growth of macrophages; oxidized LDL-induced Cholesteryl ester accumulation in macrophages were investigate by Zhang and etc. (Ref. 7) in vitro. The effects of R. Roxburghii on the cardiovascular functions in CO, CI, SV, LVET, and LVETI, and AC throughputs and the PVR were investigated by Ma (Ref. 3).

The effects of R. Roxburghii on anti-lipoid peroxidation in human body, LPO concentration in blood plasma, SOD activity of erthrocytes, and the ratio of SOD to LPO were investigated by Tang et al. (Ref. 5).

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  3. C.F. Chen, et al. Further study on the detoxification of the lead poisoning of Roxburghii Tratt juice. Occupational Disease Prevention Research Institute, Guizhou, China.
RosaEx™ Nutrition Facts 4. Nutrition Facts (per 100 grams)

The nutritional assay on RosaEx™ was performed by NuLiv Research Laboratory based on international accepted protocols.

5. SOD (Super oxide dismutase) Assay

NuLiv has performed SOD and SOD-like activity assays on RosaEx™ at FIRDI (a premiere / leading research institute) and at its own research laboratory.

One example:

Performed by: FIRDI
Date: Mar 26 ~ April 02, 2003
MOA used: Scavenging of Superoxide Radical(O2)Assay (Ref. 4, 5)
Instrument: UV/VIS Spectrophotometer
Reagent: 0.1M pH 7.4 Sodium Phosphate buffer; 300µM of NBT; 0.50 units/mL of XOD; 1.1 mM of HPX
Result: 27900 IU SOD in NuLiv's RosaEx™.

  1. T. M. Millar, et al.(2002)Xanthine oxidase is a peroxynitrite synthase: newly identified roles for a very old enzyme. Redox Report, Vol. 7, No. 2.
  2. A. Dyaz, et al.(1999 Interpretation of the sod-like activity of a series of copper(II) complexes with thiosemicarbazones. Inorganic Chemistry Communications, Vol. 2, 358-360.
6. Artificial Gastric Acid SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase) Assay

NuLiv's artificial gastric acid SOD assay shows that RosaEx™'s anti-oxidative activity increases over a time period up to two hours. This is a sharp contrast to SOD found in other plants that are mostly destroyed by gastric acid.

Fig 1

Fig 2

  1. T.M. Millar, et al.(2002)Xanthine oxidase is a peroxynitrite synthase: newly identified roles for a very old enzyme. Redox Report, Vol. 7, No. 2.
  2. A. Dıaz, et al. (1999)Interpretation of the sod-like activity of a series of copper(II) complexes with thiosemicarbazones. Inorganic Chemistry Communications, Vol. 2, 358-360.
7. Safety

The LD50 dosage, the 30 day effects of R. Roxburghii on blood platelet, erythrocyte, SGPT, NPN, and leucocyte counts in mice have been investigated (Ref. 1).

Rosa roxburghii (Cili fruit) 8. RosaEx™

NuLiv's R. roxburghii extract, trade-marked RosaEx™, is produced from premium ripe R. Roxburghii fruit by its proprietary PureExtract™ extraction technology. RosaEx™ is standardized to min. 3% vitamin C, 10% phenols, and 25,000 i.u./G SOD-like activity.

Cell Invigorating Complex™
Angelica sinensis extract (root)

Angelica sinensis, or Dong quai, nourishes, strengthens, stimulates, and harmonizes the blood ("Xue"), and invigorates the circulation ("Qi").

It has been widely used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. In Chinese medicine, Dong quai is most often used in combination with other herbs. Within the Chinese medical framework, Dong quai is used as a component of formulas for strengthening the liver "Qi" stasis and spleen deficiency. It is considered to be a mildly warming herb. Dong quai is thought to return the body to proper order by nourishing the blood ("Xue") and harmonizing vital energy ("Qi") (

The plant's phytochemicals are comprised of coumarins, phytosterols, polysaccharides and flavonoids.

Carthamus tinctorius (flower)

Carthamus is Safflower. Most people only know its use as cooking oil. But its flower has a high place in TCM medicine. The flower is known to invigorate the circulation and to break up blood stasis. Small amount can invigorate circulation and large amount can dissolve blood clots. It is an important herb in blood stasis therapy. To invigorate circulation, it is often used with Angelica and Salvia miltiorrhiza.

PhytoAstra™ (Astragalus membranaceous)

In traditional Chinese medicine, Astragalus' most notable health benefit is to invigorate the circulation ("vital energy", "Qi") to improve cell health.

Astragalus is an outstanding toning and balancing herb in building up the body's resistance to stress and diseases (Ref. 1). Astragalus has been used in China for nearly 4,000 years as a booster for immune functions and to strengthen and tone the body's overall energy level as well as improving the digestion and supporting the spleen (Ref. 3).

Astragalus membranaceus is one of the most frequently used food supplements and remedies in China to help the body maintain its normal balance of health and wholeness (Ref. 4). "Make up energy and redress balance" is the most central quality of Astragalus. Astragalus has also been well researched in its immune applications (Ref. 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9).

Astragalus contains Glycosides, polysaccharides, choline and betaine, folic acid, various amino acids, and fourteen mineral trace elements, including selenium, zinc, and iron.

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PhytoSeng™ (Panax ginseng)

Panax ginseng, native to China, Korean, and Russia, has been an important herbal natural alternative in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years, where it has been used to alleviate weakness and fatigue (Ref. 2). Panax ginseng has been considered as an "adaptogen" that can help human body increase its resistance to physical, chemical, and biological stress and build up general vitality (Ref. 1).

Results of clinical research studies demonstrate that Panax ginseng may improve psychological function (Ref. 4, 5), immune function (Ref. 6, 7, 8), and conditions associated with diabetes (Ref. 9).

The major compounds in Panax ginseng are Ginsenosides, a triterpene saponins.

  1. B.K. Vogler, et al. The efficacy of ginseng. A systematic review of randomized clinical trials. Eur J Clin Pharmacol 1999;55:567-75.
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Salvia miltiorrhiza (root)

Salvia miltiorrhiza, or Dang Shen, is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine, often in combination with other herbs. Remedies containing Dang Shen are used traditionally for diversity of ailments, particularly cardiac and vascular disorders such as atherosclerosis or blood clotting abnormalities.

The ability of Dang Shen to "thin" the blood ("Xue") and reduce blood clotting is well documented. Dang Shen invigorates the blood and improve circulation ("Qi").

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