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A COMPLETE, Comprehensive Heart Supplement that supports the entire heart and cardiovascular system.
NOTE, we are currently out of stock on CardioXine. We have had difficulty sourcing one of the ingredients that met our quality standards and specifications. As soon as we get updates, we'll post it here.

  • Promotes Healthy Cardiovascular Function
  • Maintain Total Cholesterol and LDL Levels, Support Healthy HDL Levels
  • Supports Healthy Triglycerides

Cholesterol Reports from E. M. Click to enlarge hospital reports Click to see hospital reports
"This seems to show that CardioXine may diminish the total CL, boost the good one, cuts down the bad one and bring cpk back to a normal range." - G. M., E. M.'s daughter, France* (See letter and reports)

M. S.'s Success Story

"I have been using NuLiv Products for about a year and a half with amazing results! I use Osteosine and CardioXine. My husband uses CardioXine. Neither of us can take statins due to bad side effects experienced.

I have gone from Osteoporosis to osteopenia in 9 months of using Osteosine, my next BMD is due Aug 2017. Hoping to be in normal range. My cholesterol went from over 300 down to just under 200.

My doctor is amazed. My husband uses CardioXine for high triglycerides and clogged carotid artery. His numbers are coming down and carotid has gotten better with a Doppler repeat coming up in the Fall. Hoping for an all clear result.

My News is our doctors, his and mine are recommending CardioXine and Osteosine to patients who cannot take statins or bone density prescriptions. 23 patients in all are using NuLiv Products due to me and my husband and 2 doctors in the Will County and Grundy County and Kendall in Illinois."
-M. S., Illinois*

Jim J.'s Success Story

I initially became interested in CardioXine due to my significant drop in my HDL cholesterol. 3 weeks after using this product my levels went from 23 to 46! This is great news to someone with my heart condition! I am excited to do another blood test because I also noticed other , levels of my cholesterol improving! Thank you!*
See his lab results here

What is CardioXine™?

CardioXine™ is an 100% all natural supplement for heart health designed to replenish your cardiovascular system with a wide spectrum of heart-healthy nutrients. CardioXine™ helps the ENTIRE cardiovascular system by supporting healthy cholesterol while minimizing bad cholesterol.

Taken with positive changes in your diet and exercise routine, you may notice a positive difference in your heart profile. CardioXine works by promoting healthy cardiovascular function and supporting inflammation management. Circulation will become smoother due to more flexible arteries and vessels. In fact, more and more research point to inflammation and calcification of your arteries and vessels as a major factor in heart disease

By using CardioXine for heart health, your entire body will benefit from the additional nutrients carried throughout your body.

Why CardioXine™ works

CardioXine™ contains:
  • Hawthorne berry, widely regarded in Europe as a safe and effective support for the early stages of heart disease. Recommended by German Health Ministry.
  • Gynostemma pentaphyllum, studies have shown that it can lower serum cholesterol, triglycerides, and LDL (bad cholesterol) while providing a protective effect on inflammation.
  • Ginkgo, promotes relaxation and endothelial NO synthesis.
  • Notoginseng, promotes better circulatory flow in the body.
  • Astragalus, a highly regarded staple of TCM, may lessen heart inflammation and cholesterol.
  • Rosa roxburghii, incredibly high in antioxidants, supports healthy levels of inflammation
  • Salvia, promotes relaxation in the cardiovascular system.

CardioXine™ also contains Folic Acid, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 which are beneficial for those who have high homocysteine level, a known factor for plaque buildup.

The bioactive compounds in CardioXine™ promote healthy cholesterol levels, even accounting for cholesterol your body produces naturally on its own. This is a crucial step since genes play a important role in high cholesterol.

The unique antioxidants in CardioXine™, including the potent SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase) helps support normal triglycerides, LDL oxidation and inflammation. For people with cardiovascular disease, it is well known that over time, there is a narrowing and hardening of coronary arteries and blood vessels. Learn more about lowering cholesterol levels naturally.

What is in CardioXine™?

Supplement Facts

CardioXine Supplement Facts. Click to see the effectiveness and safety of CardioXine

We test our exclusive extracts in-house with our PhytoMonitor™ quality system. In addition, batches are tested independently for standardization levels, heavy metals & pesticides. Meaning you get exactly what's stated on the label. ISO 9001-2000 and GMP compliant. PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA.

CardioXine™ is safe to use.

NuLiv has examined all available research data to make sure that the dosages used in CardioXine™ are below the safest quantity used in the researches. There have been ZERO side effect reports from CardioXine™ users over the last 9 years.

How and where can I get CardioXine™?
We apologize but CardioXine is currently on back order. We have had difficulty sourcing one of the ingredients that met our quality standards and specifications. As soon as we get updates, we'll post it here!

Learn more about CardioXine:
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Description & Ingredients

Background Info on Heart Health
Efficacy & Safety Studies on CardioXine

CardioXine FAQ

Testimonials (Hospital Reports)


*The letters and reports posted on this page, which are sent by our customers, are the actual results issued by the hospitals and clinics that performed lab tests for these customers. These hospitals and clinics are not endorsing our products. These results may not be typical for users of our products. It is possible that you may or may not experience similar results.

We offer a 90-day money back guarantee. Please see Money Back Guarantee programs.

We also offer a 6-month supply of CardioXine™ and OsteoSine™. Most lab reports shown on this website were the result of such incentive program.

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Cuts down Triglycerides, lowering cholesterol levels naturally