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 Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally

Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally Through Weight Loss And Exercise

Prescription medications are not the only solution to high blood pressure. Simple lifestyle changes that you do can significantly help in lowering blood pressure naturally and also reduce your risk of developing heart disease. Limiting consumption of refined carbs and adding a few servings of vegetables and fruits would be a great first start.

High blood pressure or hypertension, is a condition wherein the systolic pressure is 140 and above or the diastolic pressure is 90 and above. Many people diagnosed with this disorder start to worry and immediately think that they need to take a medicine to lower these numbers. However, many are not aware that their lifestyle is an essential factor in lowering blood pressure naturally. Controlling blood pressure through a healthy and active lifestyle can make you reduce or even avoid the need for any drug support.

As your weight increases, so does your blood pressure. This is why it is critical that anyone concerned about high blood pressure maintain a exercise regimen. Losing a healthy amount of weight is helpful in lowering blood pressure naturally. According to medical experts, you can significantly lower your blood pressure by just losing 10 pounds.

Generally, your blood pressure lowers as you continue to lose more weight. The hypertension drugs that youíre taking can also be more effective if you lose weight. You can discuss with your doctor as to how much weight you need to lose and the effective way to make it. There have been studies linking the subcutaneous fat around the waistline and hypertension. Having too much unnecessary weight around your waist may be a risk factor for hypertension.

Regular exercise or physical activity can also aid in lowering blood pressure naturally. Doctors recommend that you engage in exercise for at least 30 to 60 minutes regularly throughout the week. Exercise alone can reduce your blood pressure by 5 to 25 mmHg. Results from exercise donít take very long to be noticed. Many people will see results within just few weeks of sustained regular exercise.

Regular exercise can also help your prevent you from developing a more severe form of hypertension. You can however bring down your blood pressure to safer levels if you already have hypertension. Discuss with your physician about different exercise programs. Your physician can evaluate you if you need any restrictions for exercise.

More intensive walking and mild strength training done for only 10 minutes during the day can bring many benefits already in lowering blood pressure naturally. It is important that you are consistent and donít just try to make up for all your exercise during the weekends. It is more harmful if you suddenly engage in strenuous activities.

There are many options when it comes to treating high blood pressure. There are at last count, over 50 prescription drugs that prescribed by physicians. Most of these prescription drugs fall into one of the following categories: diuretics, angiotensin receptor blockers, alpha-blockers, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors, or beta-blockers. However, the most simplest option to lowering blood pressure naturally is diet & exercise.

Remember to stick to the food pyramid. However, also don't forget to cheat once in awhile!
lowering blood pressure naturally

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