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Beta Glucan & Immune System. What's the connection?

Beta Glucan Research

The immune system in our body is an vast, well thought out protection mechanism, intended to defend our bodies from the millions of potentially dangerous microbes, bacteria, viruses, parasites and other toxins. The immune system is our bodies' main protection against infectious microorganisms and other intruders. It is actually a system that comprises of various organs, cells, and tissues that come together to work as one to defend the body against attacks by foreign intruders every single day. Everyday, there's a battle going on inside your body.

So if our immune system is down, we will be more vulnerable to sicknesses, ailments and infections. Therefore it is critical for us to keep our immune system strong and well supplied, so it can be up and running all the time. A natural way to keep your immune system strong is to incorporate mushroom extracts into your daily diet. Many mushrooms contain beta glucans, which are known to aid the body's immune system. Beta glucans are long chain polysaccharides which are also known as special polyglucoses or complex sugar molecules. These same potent extracts can be found in OPTIMUM IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT

Beta glucans can be found in the bran of various cereal grains, numerous varieties of mushrooms, specific types of fungi, and baker's yeast. They also can be found generously in oats, barley and to a considerably lesser level in wheat and rye. They are extremely useful and form a necessary part of an essential diet. Low grade beta glucans are often found as soluble fiber supplements and as texturing agents.
Beta glucans are found in common yeast
beta glucan

What these beta glucans will do is to stimulate certain cells, specifically Macrophages, into action. The increase in the activity of the macrophages spurs on a range of immune body functions, which essentially boosts our natural immune response. This is very important to fight off all the harmful germs and bacteria.

These beta glucans also encourages the generation of more immune cells, which further improves our overall health condition. This means that beta glucans are extremely effective in accelerating the repair process of any damaged tissues, eradicating harmful tumor cells, assist in activating the other components in the immune system and aid to remove cellular waste brought upon by oxidative deterioration.

Beta glucan have also been shown to reduce lipid levels to a moderate degree. Indeed, beta glucan is proven to be quite effective in lowering bad cholesterol and LDL as well as the general cholesterol level in our body. Reduced cholesterol level means a lowered possibility for acquiring heart diseases such as heart attacks and coronary heart disease. In addition, they are beneficial when consumed after any major surgeries to protect against any side effects from the surgical procedures such as infection and viruses.

So if you looking for something to improve on your immune system and wants to avoid putting a lot of synthetic supports into your body, then it would be prudent to incorporate food & supplements that contain beta glucan. In order for you to get the optimum health benefits from beta glucans, you ought to search for them in a form of multi vitamins. There are various multi vitamins out there that include beta glucan as well as other necessary nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, herbal extracts and minerals, which will surely be great for your health.

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