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Efficacy and Safety Studies on AstraGin™

AstraGin™ is a self affirmed GRAS ingredient. It has undergone a 28 day in-vitro toxicity study where it was proven safe at 1000 times the recommended dosage. There are no known side effects to the usage of AstraGin™

AstraGin™ has also been demonstrated in close to a dozen in vitro studies to safely improve the absorption of amino acids, glucose, glucosamine, and vitamins in CaCo-2 cells, the gold standard used to study the absorption rate of new drugs. In other words, whether you are an athelete or just somebody who is looking to sustain a healthy, long, and productive living style, AstraGin™ may help support the absorption of vital nutrients necessary to achieve that.

In one of our in vivo studies, AstraGin™ increased the insulin sensitivity by 38%. AstraGin&trade. This meaning that sugars flowing the blood stream are more readily absorbed by your body (like it's suppose to) and can be used to energy

Efficacy of AstraGin™ on Glucose Absorption

Digestion converts all carbohydrate to glucose, which are transported to the liver and converted to glycogen. Glycogen is the fuel that is stored within your muscles

AstraGin™ in Combination with Arginine

AstraGin™ is currently in numerous pre and post work out supplements that contain the nitric oxide booster arginine. AstraGin™ supports the increase of nitric oxide through increasing the absorption of arginine. The results are reduced costs for the consumer by increasing the amount arginine absorbed. Furthermore, the desired results are further increased, allowing more energy for a better exercise or daily routine. Finally. AstraGin™ makes a great addition a cardiovasulcar exercise routine or strength training.

How and Where Can I Get AstraGin™?

Shipping is only $3.95 for any U.S. order. All purchase comes with 90-day money back guarantee!

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