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In Vitro and Human Studies
on Astrion™

Astrion is developed exclusively by NuLiv Science USA Inc. NuLiv research labs has performed the following assays on Astrion™:

Cell Culture
Test Subjects
Western Blot Analysis
Proline Uptake Assay
Hyaloronic Acid Measurement
Glucosamine Uptake Assay
UV Irradiation
Skin pH Measurement
Skin Color and Brightness Measurement
Skin Roughness Measurement

An in-vitro study conducted by NuLiv demonstrated that the bioactive compounds in Astrion were able to:

Increase proline uptake in dermal cells by 27%
Increase collagen synthesis in dermal cells by 80%
Increase collagen synthesis in epidermal cells by 60%
Increase collagen secretion in dermal cells by 45%
Increase collagen III synthesis in dermal cells by 30%
Increase collagen III synthesis in epidermal cells 80y %
Increase glucosamine uptake by 10%
Increase hyaluronic acid synthesis in dermal cells by 20%
Decrease MMP-1 synthesis by 50%

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Product Description & Ingredients
In Vitro and Human Studies

Astrion™ FAQ

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